Making and using software can be experimental, humorous and 
  aesthetically rich. Alongside today's rather dull 
  omnipresence of databases and content management systems, 
  elements of fun have actually informed and guided the 
  development of software from its beginnings. Fun is the 
  energy of curiosity and inappropriateness, exploring what 
  is not yet known in art, culture, computer science, design, 
  math and the site of their encounter: software. Here, 
  software art, a joke of a mathematical genius and amateur 
  tinkering of software stand side by side.

  The exhibition Funware questions, tangles and experiments 
  with the materiality of software, the backbone of 
  contemporary society. Letting us deal with the glitchy 
  nature of human-machine ensembles, it offers a way of 
  understanding something that is normally hidden and 
  serious. Fun is far from detaching software from political 
  or social interrogability, it is rather a force and a 
  method that works on complicating the normal, the serious 
  and the dominant.