The forkable repository


 Things to be found here:
 Linux Audio Conference 2008 		- generative posters	 . src
 Linux Audio Conference 2009 		- generative posters	 . src
 Der offene Schaltkreis 		- book			 . src
 make art 2009 				- generative posters	 . src
 chmod +x 2010 				- generative posters	 . src
 Boxes & Glue (/BAG) 			- workshop	 	 . src
 LiWoLi 2010 				- generative posters	 . src
 VA300 					- generative posters	 . src
 make art 2010				- generative posters	 . src
 Der offene Schaltkreis 		- audio installation	 . src
 LISL Posters 				- generative posters	 . src
 LISL 					- workshop	 	 . src
 Exodus 				- video projection	 . src
 LiWoLi 2012 				- generative posters	 . src
 Always working on vector graphics.

 Tools used(re/ab) so far:

 bash		- GNU Bourne-Again SHell
 processing	- programming language and IDE built 
		  for the electronic arts and visual design communities 
 pdflatex	- structured text formatting and typesetting 
 cut		- remove sections from each line of files  
 ls		- list directory contents
 rev		- reverse lines of a file or files
 rl		- Randomize Lines
 sed		- stream editor for filtering and transforming text
 find		- search for files in a directory hierarchy
 rm		- remove files or directories
 tac		- concatenate and print files in reverse
 pdftk		- a handy tool for manipulating PDF
 a2ps		- format files for printing on a PostScript printer
 eps2eps	- Ghostscript PostScript "distiller"
 ps2epsi	- generate conforming Encapsulated PostScript
 pstoedit	- a tool converting PostScript and PDF files 
		  into various vector graphic formats
 skconvert	- Convert a Skencil SK file into another format
 mv		- move (rename) files
 replace	- a string-replacement utility
 cat		- concatenate files and print on the standard output
 echo		- display a line of text
 inkscape	- an SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) editing program
 ps2pdf		- convert PostScript to PDF using ghostscript
 exiftool	- read and write meta information in files
 cd		- change the working directory
 autotrace	- converts bitmap image data into vector graphics
 pwd		- print name of current/working directory  
 Xvfb		- virtual framebuffer X server for X Version 11  
 skencil	- An interactive drawing program  
 beef		- flexible Brainfuck interpreter  


 Most subdirectories have a README file explaining the contents.

 generators/		Something that generates something
 release/		Released! LaTeX Code and compiled PDFs
 stock/			Directory Listing of the vektorDB
 utils/			Utilities (Tools,Data,Configuration)

 */*/i/			Input files (i stands for IN)
 */*/o/			Output files (o stands for OUT)
 */*/*/a/		Symbolic link to the root (a stands for ALL)


 .sh		Bourne-again-shell script
 .jar		Java archive
 .tex		LaTeX file
 .pdf		Portable Document Format
 .svg		Scalable Vector Graphics
 .gif		Graphics Interchange Format
 .png		Portable Network Graphics
 .list		Plaintext list




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